Easy to use, intuitive controls

Easy (dis) assembly, fits into any car

Push assistance and self controlled driving combined

Also available as power kit for existing wheelchairs

Introducing the i-Mover: mobility, versatility and economy at its best.

Available as from April 2016!

IMS Medical is proud to introduce the latest in wheelchair technology: the i-Mover Wheelchair and Power Kit.

Since our upper extremities are not designed for self-propulsion, the desire to lead an active lifestyle in a manual wheelchair could potentially lead to limitations of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. In today’s world however wheelchair use does not have to limit anyone’s mobility anymore.

The i-Mover is a state of the art lightweight folding electric wheelchair allowing anyone to remain independent, active and mobile for as long as possible. Unique features include:


With potentially up to 40 kilometers driving range the i-Mover is ideal for people with an active lifestyle. The wheelchair is lightweight and can easily be folded and disassembled, making it suitable for traveling by airplane, train or car.


The unique intuitive driving console in the front and in the push handles at the back make it possible to go out even more, and longer without increasing physical strain on the body of both the wheelchair user and/or the persons pushing the wheelchair.


The wheelchair can be equiped with additional options to increase comfort and mobility. For users wishing to hold on to their existing wheelchair there is the i-Mover Power Kit that converts your existing wheelchair into a fully functional electric wheelchair with electrical push assistance.


The i-Mover is designed, tested and produced in the Netherlands. It combines state-of-the-art technology with best of breed materials to ensure maximum safety under all circumstances. In the event of loss of battery power, the wheels are not blocked and the wheelchair will continue to function as a manual wheelchair.


The unique features of the i-Mover makes it suitable for a wide range of users.  The potentially large user group and the in-house expertise combined with best of breed materials enables a very attractive pricing of the i-Mover.

The i-Mover:

  • Easy to use/intuitive controls
  • Fits into any car as it is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Combined push assistance for attendants and for self controlled driving
  • Manual control still possible as the wheels are not blocked.
  • Also available as i-Mover Powerpack to make existing wheelchairs fully electric.
  • Additional accessories available to increase driving range and comfort
  • 2 years warranty

More information

Easy and inuitive control

Control Pad

Go out even more, and longer without increasing physical strain on the body.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Power Unit

The i-Mover is lightweight and can easily be folded and disassembled.

Cutting edge technology

Power unit i Mover

Combining state-of-the-art technology with best of breed materials for maximum safety.

Fit your own wheelchair

i Mover Power Kit

Fit our Power Kit to convert your existing wheelchair into a fully electric wheelchair.

About the i-Mover

The i-Mover is a lightweight folding electric wheelchair. It combines push assistance and self driving, this way avoiding too much physical strain for both the user and for persons assisting the wheelchair.

The i-Mover is designed for use in nursing homes and in any home environment. The wheelchair can easily be folded and (dis)assembled, making it attractive for people with an active lifestyle.

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